Brenda Hedden of Beautiful Forms to See provides beauty in several ways.


Square Senior Image

Seniors will learn, enjoy and make something new to share with others or keep for themselves. Activities are modified to meet the needs of individuals.


Square Window Image

Stained glass windows have been known to increase the value of a home and enhance the quality of its living spaces.


Square Tube Scope Image

A kaleidoscope made with stained glass is a very special gift. I can help you design a unique one for yourself or someone you love.

STEM Kaleidoscopes

Square STEM Kaleidoscope Image

Your students or children could learn science, technology, engineering, and math (art, too) in an enjoyable and memorable way.


Beautiful Forms to See Kaleidoscope Workshop for Seniors will:

  • Consult with Activity Professionals to assure that their residents are experiencing activities that enhance their mental, social, and physical needs
  • Provide educational information that is historical, scientific, and can be associated with their daily lives
  • Learn something new about something old: kaleidoscopes
  • Encourage and support participants as they create their own “beautiful form to see” kaleidoscope
  • Enjoy sharing and discussing the different designs of the various scopes brought to the workshops for them to view


Beautiful Forms to See Stained Glass Windows will:

  • Enhance the beauty and value of your home
  • Create privacy yet allow light to enter
  • Improve the overall design of your entryway
  • Provide a welcoming, elegant frame for your front door
  • Delight with an occasional rainbow of colors on your walls


Beautiful Forms to See Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes will:

  • Provide a unique gift for yourself or someone you love
  • Add a beautiful piece of art to your living space
  • Inspire inter-generational conversations
  • Create visual images that entertain and delight all ages
  • Encourage meditation through visual imagery


Beautiful Forms to See STEM Kaleidoscope Education will:

  • Increase knowledge of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) with a hands-on project
  • Encourage investigation into inventions, past to present
  • Inspire new inventions or ways of doing things
  • Establish the interconnectedness of topics
  • Teach about the history of kaleidoscopes and its uses