Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes

When I was a little girl, my father gave me a kaleidoscope. To my mother’s dismay, but my father’s delight, I quickly took it apart to see how it worked! It was made of paper with plastic beads. I was fascinated by the reflection, the design images, and mirrors.

As an adult, I made my first kaleidoscope during one of my first stained glass classes, nearly 35 years ago. Since that time, I have enjoyed making personalized kaleidoscopes for my family and friends, as well as private customers.

Memories & Sparkling Tube Scopes on Display

Memories & Sparkling Tube Scopes on Display

Sparkling Tube Scope

Sparkling Tube Scope

This Sparkling Tube Scope uses a “magic” tube that comes in various colors. As the objects flow though oil, they sparkle like fireworks.

Memories Scope with beveled stand

Memories Scope with beveled stand

This Memories Scope was made as a gift for my husband. But, I can make one for you, too. This one is 3.5″ x 1″ x  8″ blue, iridized glass with decorative soldering. A photo showing the inside of this three-mirror scope was used for the website banner above.

For some ideas as to what to put inside your tube, here is a partial list of what I used in my husband’s Memories scope; each object represents a different aspect of his life.

  • Square bead: kind of a “geek”
  • Purple Heart bead: for learning to love dogs
  • Airplane charm: had an airplane license
  • Canadian flag pin: born in Montreal
  • Abalone shell: scuba diving in the Bahamas
  • Blue star bead: interest in astronomy
  • Swarovski crystal & Austrian glass beads: skiing in Europe

Design and make your own kaleidoscope in my studio…

Individuals or groups may make arrangements with me to make a stained glass kaleidoscope of their own in my studio. No previous knowledge about glass is required.

Participants usually bring their own special objects to fill their tube, as well as use some irridized glass, Swarovski and Austrian crystal beads that is provided in my studio. It is a unique experience and great fun to hear their friends and family state, “”YOU made this?”

Contact me for more information and/or to make arrangements.

Here are some images of the glass itself:

Click on the images to zoom in.


“Brenda is a careful and consummate artist with the ability to share her passion through teaching. Not only are you in a hands-on workshop learning new skills, but you are widening your vision about the possibilities of seeing your world through its eye. There is a sense of satisfaction in its creation and wonder in its use that puts you back in touch with your own capabilities and empowers you through beauty and creativity. Thanks Brenda!” ~ Deborah Strafuss, MA